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Self Love Club


The Self Love Club is a movement powered by MARY YOUNG and we want you to be a part of it. We believe it’s time to open up the dialogue within our community to focus on self love and acceptance. The club is not us, the club is not purchasing a garment, the club is you and your attitude. Our belief is also expressed by donating $3 from every item sold to Raw Beauty Talks, a non-profit society promoting the mental and physical health of girls and young women by increasing their self-confidence and cultivating positive body image through education in schools, public events, and through media.

We encourage you to create a safe space within your community and friendships to talk openly and honestly about self love. We will continue to share stories of self love online and make a safe space to do so. We encourage you to join the movement by sharing on social using the hashtag #theselfloveclub and empowering others by joining this movement. To continue this movement expect more open conversations from us online and in person with self love events coming in the near future. In the mean time, continue to open up to those close to you, create a safe space and continue loving yourself every step of the way.

To celebrate this movement we hosted an open call in Toronto to find seven women who wanted to share their story with us and as a result, with you. Meet Clark, Olivia, Krizia, Julia, Erica, Jahsway and Ellie - in order of appearance - these brave women spent a day with us talking about their insecurities and confidence, to truly create a space for change. Endless thanks and love goes to each of these women for their honest conversations and we'll be sharing more videos on each one of them so check back regularly!

Head to our Journal to read more about what started the Self Love Club!


"How sad is it not to love yourself in the first place just because of what you look like"

Get to know Clark as she opens up about her struggles with loving herself in her skin and learning that a man's opinion of her beauty doesn't define her worth.


"I love just be able to sit there and just defy all of their ideas about me"

Get to know Erica as she opens up about finding herself and breaking stereotypes along the way.


"Now I’m so happy I didn’t change a thing, I absolutely love my height"

Get to know Julia as she recounts being 6'1" in high school and her journey to accepting and loving her height.


"Life gets thrown at you and it’s just messy"

Get to know Olivia as she opens up about her everyday struggles and how life can get messy and pull you backwards. Learning to applaud yourself along the way is such a key part of the journey.


“That girl can be pretty and you can be pretty too, everyone’s pretty in their own way”

Get to know Jahsway as she learns to accept her unique features that make her beautiful in her own way.


"I never related being big with a negative"

Get to know Ellie as she explains how she never saw her size as a negative growing up and how she holds onto that mindset today.


"I love my skin ... now"

Get to know Krizia as she opens up about her journey in self love and how she now takes pride in loving herself.

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